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Open Day Sunday 19th June.
We are pleased to report over 550 people attended our Charity Open Day on the 19th June. We received some very flattering comments about the garden and that in itself was reward enough for Susanne and I. Thankyou also to our wonderful team of twenty volunteers who made the day such a resounding success.  . Please Tel. 07951 126588 if you would like more information on our gardens or to organise a private visit on another day.

Newly installed at Tythe Farm House Gardens are five robot lawnmowers. They are doing a great job on some large lawn areas. After three years of trouble free operation the lawns show great improvement and have never looked so consistently good.
 Rain does not bother them, they just keep going regardless and  unsupervised.


Even more exciting after a recent visit to our sculptures Bruno Peotta in Vicenza, Northern Italy we commissioned a new classical sculpture originally by Bernini named Apollo & Daphne. This now stands in our herbaceous garden.


Finaly Apollo & Daphne are sited!


Find out more about Apollo & Daphne here

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